When to Repair vs Replace a Windshield


When do I repair a crack in my windshield and when do I replace my windshield?

A good rule of thumb is when the crack is less than six inches long it may be able to be repaired. When a windshield can be repaired instead of replaced, contact your insurance company and they can send out a representative to repair the crack at no cost to you. It’s important to repair the windshield as soon as possible before the crack becomes larger and would need to be replaced.

If the crack is unfortunately larger than six inches or larger, call your insurance company and ask if you have comprehensive coverage, which will cover any flying object that comes in contact with your windshield.

Before you have an incident with your windshield, call your insurance agent and ask if you have comprehensive coverage. Also make sure that your comfortable with your deductible and if you’re not, ask your agent to lower your deductible. You’ll be surprised how little it cost having a low to no deductible for comprehensive coverage.


by Charles J. Greve at CJG Insurance Group



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