Adding a Teen Driver


A teen driver needs to be added to an auto policy in New Jersey once they have a drivers license, which is usually when they turn seventeen. 

Teen drivers are expensive to add to your auto policy since they have no prior insurance. Here are some tips to remember when adding your teen driver to your policy. 

Driver Training Certificate:

Most insurance companies will provide a discount when you provide them with your teen's driver training certificate. This is the certificate showing your teen driver completed the six hours behind the wheel training course. 

Defensive Driver Discount:

This is a course that may be taken online and usually costs around $20. The discount is worth the time spent since its a discount that usually lasts three years.

Good Student Discount: 

Insurance companies provide a significant discount for teens that are good students, meaning B or better average. Some auto insurance carriers provide this discount even for B - or better average students. 

Some auto insurance carriers provide a more reasonable price for adding a newly licensed teen driver so if you get a quote from your current carrier and are unsatisfied with the price, its time to shop around. 


by Charles J. Greve at CJG Insurance Group



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