Five Steps to File a Homeowners Claim


1) If you had an item stolen first call the police. After speaking with the police call your insurance agent to let them know what happened. You may have coverage even if the item wasn't stolen from your house. 

2) Take photos of the damage. This isn't necessary but it's best to have documentation of the damage for your records. Also make a list of the damages or items that were lost. 

3) Let your agent or carrier know of any damage to your house immediately. Your agent or carrier can recommended emergency clean-up service companies to help prevent further damage to your house. Your insurance agent or carrier will also let you know what is covered and if the best course of action is to file a claim immediately or not. 

4) Your insurance company will provide you with a claim number and also the phone number for a claim representative. The claim representative will walk you through the claim process step by step. The claim representative will also schedule a time for an adjuster to come out to your house to review the damages.

5) Keep all receipts regarding the damages to your house. 


by Charles J. Greve at CJG Insurance Group



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